Borrowed energy

This week has been busy. Here at the end of it I’m really feeling the pain. My energy is depleted this evening so this may seem more like a cheat but I’d rather think of it as cross promotional.

Do you subscribe to multiple newsletters? What are some of your favorite? Well, one of mine is from The Wellness Mama. Perhaps if I took more heed to her advice I may have more energy right now. But just wanted to share this particular email as it was exceptionally timely as I ordered fast food for dinner…again.

Enjoy and please subscribe to her emails. Mamas we have to stay pumped up. That was for me but alas I’m ready for bed.

Real food isn’t always easy… I get it. I’ve been on this real food journey for over a decade and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t occasionally have days where I wish I didn’t know what I know and I could just feed my kids fast food or cereal for dinner.

Because it’s so easy…

but it isn’t good for us and it doesn’t even taste that good. But the convenience is VERY appealing!

That’s why I’m so excited when I find options that are truly nutrient dense and delicious… but also more convenient than fast food! Right now, our family is loving Daily Harvest (and keep reading because I negotiated a special discount just for you!) because of this, and here’s why:

They make dozens of ready-to-blend smoothies, hot and chilled soups, overnight breakfast bowls, savory Harvest Bowls, and functional lattes. Their recipes are crafted by a trained chef to marry nutrient-rich, organic fruits and vegetables with powerful superfoods and spices, all without refined sugars and unwanted additives.

Our current family favorites are:

• Harvest Bowls: Super easy and filling meals inspired by comfort foods and packed with nutrient-dense vegetables. I recommend the Beet + Sesame Poké, Kale + Lemongrass, and Chickpea + Za’atar. (Tip: I heat them in some homemade broth!)

• Ginger + Greens: Mu hubby loves this energizing, anti-inflammatory riff on spicy green juice and often chooses it on busy mornings. It has amazing texture from velvety avocado and iron-rich spinach and flavor from zingy ginger and gut-friendly apple cider vinegar.

Did I mention…. one step?

My other favorite thing about Daily Harvest, besides the taste, is that every meal or drink takes just one step to prepare. I can consume dozens of veggies without slicing, dicing, chopping or spiralizing anything!

Preparing each cup is as simple as adding liquid and blending, heating, or soaking — all ready in five minutes, max.

Daily Harvest is based on the concept of “convenience without compromise” — and they accomplish that by delivering some of the most nutrient dense foods in the world straight to your door in single shipments or easy plans. Unlike supermarket produce, which spoils in a matter of days, Daily Harvest recipes stay fresh in your freezer for months, with zero impact on flavor, quality, or nutrient content.

This week, you can get $25 off your first box of 9, 12, or 24 with the code WELLNESSMAMA at this link. Build your own box based on your favorite smoothies, lattes, bowls and breakfasts and get it in just a couple of days!

If you struggle to get real food on the table (or out the door) sometimes, I hope you’ll give Daily Harvest a try and love them as much as I do!



P.S. Remember to use the code WELLNESSMAMA at this link to lock in

Thanks for reading!

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Inspiration Wall

I thought I would take advantage of this multimedia with today’s topic. I want to share about 10 of my favorite inspirational quotes in full color. I get a LOT of my inspiration from Pinterest so I will be giving the credit for my findings based on what is shared on Pinterest. Many of our exceptional children are visual learners so whenever you can incorporate a graphic that is not too distracting, it makes learning memorable and fun. Also check out infographics. Another post.

Enjoy….PEAS Coach on Pinterest

  1. Must remember on the rough days
  2. Facebook : Sharon Jaynes quoteRecognize, respond to, and validate your child's emotions. INFJs, can you relate?#do #somethingFabulous Friday: You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you thinkBeing a mom is one of the toughest jobs you will ever love. Find words of encouragement and ways to feel empowered from our experts.Yup..."Discipline is helping a child solve a problem. Punishment is making a child suffer for having a problem. To raise problem solvers, focus on solutions, not retribution."It is not our job to toughen our children up to face a cruel & heartless world...L.R. Knost Handlettered Parenting Quote Print

Top 10 signs of a learning disability

Tonight’s topic is how to identify learning disabilities in children. I’m not a diagnostician but these are signs that would spark attention from most teachers to start collecting data.

It’s going to be a quick and dirty list meaning it is not all inclusive nor exclusive. Again just from a teachers eyes signs of a waving flag.

In no particular order…

1 – Avoidance. When a child would rather delay or avoid work it may be a sign of lack of comprehension.

2 – Organization problems – having trouble finding a system that works for them usually is another indicator of difficulties.

3 – Difficulty with recall, poor memory. Usually we remember things we know so imagine not knowing how to store miscellaneous type of knowledge.

4- Missing details – difficult retelling stories with important details or sequence.

5- Trouble making connections with information such using an example to express a concept from class.

6 – Behavior issues – it’s easier to cause a distraction than focus on something mentally difficult for some kids.

7 – Rushing through work or incomplete work.

8 – Difficulty following multistep instructions.

9 – Limited vocabulary

10- Low self esteem

If your child noticeably exhibit any of these behaviors in class, he or she may be on a teachers radar for referral to an evaluation. Please discuss these same concerns if seen at home. The main reason I did not include failing grades as an indicator is because there is not a grading structure at home and if these are true learning disabilities it would be evident anywhere.

Monday to do lists

Still hanging in there with the challenge. Today marks 8 days in a row. Whew, already challenged abound. However it was expected. Trying new things go hand in hand with new challenges.

So another tip to make blogging more accessible is I downloaded the WordPress app onto my phone. Yes, I really pulled out the stops because I know me. No room for excuses this time.

Which brings me to the topic of the day. The to do list. Do you keep up with such a list? What kind of things make the cut? Do you add things as you go about the day? Do you use and app, paper or is it all in your head? A ton of questions, huh? That was on my list.

My list is a combination of all three. I use my phone’s calendar to keep track of major events for the day. Most of my days have at least one. I list a lot of recurring things such as my sons work schedule or reminders to follow up on something. I use a legal pad when sitting at my desk to jot down quick random thoughts. A lot of times these thoughts are work related. It’s from here that tomorrow’s list takes shape. I go back to my calendar to plug in events and keep all the things I didn’t get a chance to do left in my brain.

Now that I wrote this process out, I can see where a lot of my anxiety stems from. Hopefully I can transfer more of that energy into my writing or something to get it off my mind. Perhaps I have a fear of not finishing and dread someone stumbling across my uncrossed list with judgement. We all need to start somewhere.

I want to encourage you to keep you lists light and focus on what you can do and forget about what didn’t make the cut or that it adds on to tomorrow’s load. As I unpack my mental tension, this post has been therapeutic.

Thank you for joining me.

Turning down the temper(ature) with A.C.C.

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Good Sunday Evening Readers,

I received some feedback that I should share more content with tips for parents and kids with ADHD. This tip comes from my professional experience working with kids that have AHDH, it really is useful for any frustrated child.

I want to start with the definition of frustration. The Cambridge dictionary defines frustration as the feeling of being annoyed or less confident because you cannot achieve what you want, or something that makes you feel like this. I start here to emphasis that frustration is a feeling driven from a perception of loss of confidence towards a want and not a person. It is important to remember whenever a person is frustrated it is the way they are handling the feeling of loss for not connecting to their desires. Not the people or processes.

So this brings me to the first point when trying to diffuse tempers behind frustration. Acknowledge the situation. What is the desire? Why does the person feel that it is no longer obtainable in the present? Have the person identify the situation verbally, if possible, is the first step towards resolving rage.

Step two is based on my experience working with children who are academically behind in reading. Step two is to commit to continue. Committing to continue discovering how to unpack the frustration is better done from outside in. We often do not see how our frustration manifests towards others. We believe it is something we are managing and prefer to do so alone. However, when we become aware that someone is willing to commit to the process of continuing to work with us despite not knowing exactly how to do so, we can begin to take comfort in not being left alone to figure this out. Our guards lower and allow for a refreshing breeze of guidance into our space.

Lastly, In turning down the temper using the A.C.C., is to Care to Correct.  This is a step that requires careful discernment on knowing the tolerance of the other person to release frustration and become open to assistance. This is the phase when many give up in frustration when faced to face with the feeling of frustration. This spirit is highly combustible as it is a careful exchange of power between the two people. Offer one suggestion at a time. If not accepted, stop but continue to look for another opportunity to guide. Slow and steadfast. Don’t overpower but show genuine care toward the process of helping the person release the frustration. Literally cool off. This should be the ONLY objective of success at this point.

Thank you for taking a moment to read about a quick, not necessarily easy, way to help children process the feeling of frustration. Remember feelings are ALWAYS warranted. They are an inalienable right and do not require justification for them to be right to the person who is feeling it. Honor their process and help create an awareness for the child to self monitor how to access their resources in dealing with frustration.

Strengths Test

Happy Saturday. Thank you if you are taking a moment to check in with me on this 90 day challenge. I can’t believe we have not hit the week mark yet. This is Day 6. I was thinking of making this a weekday challenge, but right now I don’t think I could afford the break since I am just starting to feel momentum. Yes, I am writing this a little later in the day than my usual posts but my focus is not “when” rather “if” right now.

So today’s topic of reflection is on our strengths. When asked is this something you can typically come up with at least one? What about two to five? I found a test that caught my attention called the RichardStep Strengths and Weaknesses Aptitude Test (RSWAT). Yea, I never heard of it either until now. But what had me look at it twice was that the results showed FIVE areas of strength and one weakness. Here is the link for you to give it a try yourself. Click here for test.

So what were your results? I know it seemed to be repetitive and a bit long compared to other ones I have completed. Here are my results below:

Innovation (100%):

Communication (94%):

Salesmanship (94%):

Visionary (94%):

Ambition (94%):

My weakness is balance (63%). Not sure what the percentages mean but I found no surprise with that assessment. But look at what the test had to say about that:

You bring structure to chaotic situations – you don’t rest until order restored. Seek teams that need your help.
Clutter will greatly annoy you – make every effort to enhance your organizational and planning systems.
Always seek advance notice of deadlines, meetings, and project milestones.
Surprises are distressing to you and can ruin your day – help others understand the way you operate.
Actively take time out to prioritize your tasks and goals.
Offer to help with time management and department processes.
Continually work out possible outcome paths ahead of time to prepare for the unknowns.

YES!!! This is me to the letter! I do not like surprises and clutter does distress me. What is so crazy is that I have worked in a paperless environment for the past three years and when I have to review my son’s classwork with the mounds of worksheets, I can feel my anxiety kicking in. I am very systematic but prefer to be the one to develop my own timelines. These results were surprisingly (smile) spot on.

What did you think of the quiz? Did your results surprise you? Please share.


Ah Ha has it.

Ah Ha! Almost let the day get by without a post. But here I am. I have found that thinking about it in a less formal way, such as a post, helps for me to get things done each day. Gems of success. The topic of my inspiration and post for this Thursday.

Tonight’s scripture is from 1 John 2:27 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV) The Easy to Read version. Did you know there was such a thing? Check out to use it and many other versions of the Word for a better understanding. But the scripture reads Christ gave you a special gift. You still have this gift in you. So you don’t need anyone to teach you. The gift he gave you teaches you about everything. It is a true gift, not a false one. So continue to live in Christ, as his gift taught you.” Why are you not shouting yet? This in essence means that you are equipped NOW to do the work. Don’t wait to finish school, when the kids get older, once I been there for a few years. STOP THE EXCUSES AND RECEIVE THE BLESSING. This is especially important as a parent. God so loved you enough that he blessed you with a life to protect, love and care for as he does for us. Yes, this brings great joy to my heart because I have held my gift for such a long time. Waiting to be justified by man, waiting for the right time…

But just as I mentioned about writing this post. We make time although it can be easily allotted elsewhere. Our gift was given and is very much alive within us. RIGHT NOW! And the best thing about this gift is its teaching ability. Like a fountain that never runs dry. We just need to allow it to flow and learn from its overflow.

So I want to encourage you that no matter how late it seems, there is still time if you allow it to be.

Keep seeking revelation knowledge for your AH HA moment. You will know it because you will be overcome with joy. Change the way you look at a challenge to something you already do and you will see the confidence and change to help you make it through.

Lastly, continue to live in Christ. Even in the back of your mind, allow him to speak to the front of your heart. Carve out the few extra minutes and it will fulfill your entire day.

God Bless and thank you for keeping me on track and purpose. Change your vocabulary. AH HA is not a negative “caught you” phrase but instead set it up as an acknowledgement to unlocking a gift that is waiting on your use. Amen.

Home charging station

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Good Wednesday Readers. I need to think of a cute name for you. Any suggestions?

If you are receiving the post notifications, you will find that I am a morning type of gal. I find this is the best way to honor my commitment without the excuses of things getting in the way. Again, I am seeking feedback on my writing style and topics to cover. My intentions is for it to be informative yet more entertaining to let you know all of those thoughts in your head are perfectly normal, or at least more common than you think.

So today’s inspiration comes from my daily newsletter from LightSource from Pastor Graham found here: Newsletter link. These emails are usually the first to hit my inbox each morning so a lot of time, I look them over very quickly while sipping coffee. But today I was a bit more intrigued than others and it was about that time to stir up this post so I dove right in.

Today’s devotional was titled ” The Key to Reaching Your Family First”. The scripture shared is Mark 5:18-19. The message of the demon possessed man to which Christ cast out the demons to swine. Most are familiar with at least that portion of the story. But it was the next piece that caught my attention. I enjoy reading devotionals instead going straight to the Bible. I am very much a babe in Christ. I grew up in a more spiritual household of two faiths, Baptist and Buddhism. Fast forward to adulthood, where I explored many houses of worship, testing the waters. To today’s place of being more of a knowledge seeker who is trying to live a good life applying His Truth to it. It was the cleaned man’s response that I could relate to. He was overjoyed at the miracle performed for his benefit he wanted to share the Word with all that would listen. Kinda reminds you of the share feature on social media, doesn’t it. All he was equipped with was his limited knowledge, yet he had the zeal to evangelize. But Christ told him not to go out unto the World, but rather go home to share with his community, his friends and family the changed that took place. The Lord wanted an authentic testimony and not one of repayment for a deed that was done.

Mamas, I know we teach our children about manners and rules by stressing the importance of treating others the way we want to be treated. A quid pro quo form of righteousness that can only be shared by those in the reciprocal circle. I challenge you to change that mindset. Teach your young to do good because it is good. Not for a reward or any justification. God loves us unconditionally and not for the things we do. Thank you Jesus! For we could never do enough to repay all of the things he does all of the time. Just like raising a family, we do so much in the way of support, love, care for our families and do not look for repayment or compelling reasons to do so. We do it out of love. We live by our hearts. So take care today to recharge ourselves at home. Look at the tasks around you as an honor to perform and not as a thankless and meaningless thing. We must first place value in ourselves for others to see the care in our works. Our real job may not have holiday pay, but it has the best benefits plan EVER!


1 – Self care is not selfish, its survival. Reach for it just as feverishly.

2- Live life not for repayment or reward. Make it matter from the heart.

3- Don’t be so quick to share when we first have to learn what it is about. Meditate on The Word and be careful with your choice of words. We can never take away what is said in haste.

Community of 3


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God himself is in a community of three persons in one—the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—who exist in perfect unity. So it is not surprising that from the beginning, God created us to be in community with one another. Genesis 2:18 states: “It is not good for man to be alone.” This passage is often used in the context of marriage, but it also speaks to our fundamental need to connect with others in the human community. What is striking about this statement is that God makes it before the Fall. There’s no sin yet and no disobedience; man is in perfect intimacy with God. And yet, God declares that man is alone and that it is not good. – Carolyn Taketa

As the majority of American adults, we clearly remember 9/11. I was coming home from a post natal doctor’s appoint from having my son just in June after a complicated pregnancy. Such a clear sunny day in Shreveport, Louisiana. Just hours later, 3 planes, 2 buildings, 2996 lives and countless other souls destroyed. I don’t want to spend time telling you how to grieve, but I want to acknowledge we all hurt in our own ways. We just need to own it.

I’m not a numerologist but am fascinated in coincidences, or like I think to call them , alignments. Our mind, body and souls crave order. Two parents to create one child at a time is the biological concrete evidence in 3. To add, I do believe in third time being the charm for many of my trials and errors. The first time we fall short, the second time we make an adjustment, but its that third opportunity where we can test our adjustment from the second attempt to see if it can be done again  – cue in the magic of tenacity.

So parents, don’t be discouraged when things don’t work out or when you find yourself repeating a command to your children. Expand your community of 3. Invite the Lord, a friend or even just time between attempts. Two is not enough.


Credit in failure

Day 2 of the 90 day challenge. I want to start off by giving credit to the idea, not necessarily the challenge, but the inspiration to why blogging daily is a good idea. Fellow Blogger Cristian Mihai! Here is the link to that amazing post: Why I blog Everyday

So on the topic of credit I wanted to try this style of post to keep me focused. Referencing my inspiration to better help connect the background story since I know I tend to jump right into things. Let me know if you like this style and leave comments about the edgy title.

So Monday morning. This is typically time I am programmed to lay out the week, or my future, within the first 2 hours after waking up. I was being sarcastic about the life planning in the timeframe, although in reality I don’t think that though ever leaves my mind….ever!

But its that constant nagging aka resilience that is my topic for this post. It is inspired from one of my favorite websites Additude Magazine ( Here is the link to the piece:

Here is my take on things: I have long felt that my success in life comes from the persistence to try it things again. This frightens me a lot when it comes to my kids because my oldest deeply resents second attempts. It has been a struggle since he was very young. Now I see that he is so afraid of failure that he refuses to admit it. Rather, he claims that was not his objective in the first place and reinvents a strategy to approach the same issue. I do acknowledge him revisiting the topic overall, but don’t be so quick to abandon a once ideal plan. Instead, analyze the faults to salvage it for another date and time.

A saying I heard in college was “D’s get degrees.” Although I don’t wholeheartedly agree with the premise, I admit that it takes a lot of pressure off trying to be perfect. It is more true for a license than a grade point average, but passing is passing. Do your best and stop stressing over the rest. That is NOT the lesson. Be proud of the credit you earned from failure. It is just an opportunity to try again more equipped.