Credit in failure

Day 2 of the 90 day challenge. I want to start off by giving credit to the idea, not necessarily the challenge, but the inspiration to why blogging daily is a good idea. Fellow Blogger Cristian Mihai! Here is the link to that amazing post: Why I blog Everyday

So on the topic of credit I wanted to try this style of post to keep me focused. Referencing my inspiration to better help connect the background story since I know I tend to jump right into things. Let me know if you like this style and leave comments about the edgy title.

So Monday morning. This is typically time I am programmed to lay out the week, or my future, within the first 2 hours after waking up. I was being sarcastic about the life planning in the timeframe, although in reality I don’t think that though ever leaves my mind….ever!

But its that constant nagging aka resilience that is my topic for this post. It is inspired from one of my favorite websites Additude Magazine ( Here is the link to the piece:

Here is my take on things: I have long felt that my success in life comes from the persistence to try it things again. This frightens me a lot when it comes to my kids because my oldest deeply resents second attempts. It has been a struggle since he was very young. Now I see that he is so afraid of failure that he refuses to admit it. Rather, he claims that was not his objective in the first place and reinvents a strategy to approach the same issue. I do acknowledge him revisiting the topic overall, but don’t be so quick to abandon a once ideal plan. Instead, analyze the faults to salvage it for another date and time.

A saying I heard in college was “D’s get degrees.” Although I don’t wholeheartedly agree with the premise, I admit that it takes a lot of pressure off trying to be perfect. It is more true for a license than a grade point average, but passing is passing. Do your best and stop stressing over the rest. That is NOT the lesson. Be proud of the credit you earned from failure. It is just an opportunity to try again more equipped.


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