Community of 3


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God himself is in a community of three persons in one—the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—who exist in perfect unity. So it is not surprising that from the beginning, God created us to be in community with one another. Genesis 2:18 states: “It is not good for man to be alone.” This passage is often used in the context of marriage, but it also speaks to our fundamental need to connect with others in the human community. What is striking about this statement is that God makes it before the Fall. There’s no sin yet and no disobedience; man is in perfect intimacy with God. And yet, God declares that man is alone and that it is not good. – Carolyn Taketa

As the majority of American adults, we clearly remember 9/11. I was coming home from a post natal doctor’s appoint from having my son just in June after a complicated pregnancy. Such a clear sunny day in Shreveport, Louisiana. Just hours later, 3 planes, 2 buildings, 2996 lives and countless other souls destroyed. I don’t want to spend time telling you how to grieve, but I want to acknowledge we all hurt in our own ways. We just need to own it.

I’m not a numerologist but am fascinated in coincidences, or like I think to call them , alignments. Our mind, body and souls crave order. Two parents to create one child at a time is the biological concrete evidence in 3. To add, I do believe in third time being the charm for many of my trials and errors. The first time we fall short, the second time we make an adjustment, but its that third opportunity where we can test our adjustment from the second attempt to see if it can be done again  – cue in the magic of tenacity.

So parents, don’t be discouraged when things don’t work out or when you find yourself repeating a command to your children. Expand your community of 3. Invite the Lord, a friend or even just time between attempts. Two is not enough.


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