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Good Wednesday Readers. I need to think of a cute name for you. Any suggestions?

If you are receiving the post notifications, you will find that I am a morning type of gal. I find this is the best way to honor my commitment without the excuses of things getting in the way. Again, I am seeking feedback on my writing style and topics to cover. My intentions is for it to be informative yet more entertaining to let you know all of those thoughts in your head are perfectly normal, or at least more common than you think.

So today’s inspiration comes from my daily newsletter from LightSource from Pastor Graham found here: Newsletter link. These emails are usually the first to hit my inbox each morning so a lot of time, I look them over very quickly while sipping coffee. But today I was a bit more intrigued than others and it was about that time to stir up this post so I dove right in.

Today’s devotional was titled ” The Key to Reaching Your Family First”. The scripture shared is Mark 5:18-19. The message of the demon possessed man to which Christ cast out the demons to swine. Most are familiar with at least that portion of the story. But it was the next piece that caught my attention. I enjoy reading devotionals instead going straight to the Bible. I am very much a babe in Christ. I grew up in a more spiritual household of two faiths, Baptist and Buddhism. Fast forward to adulthood, where I explored many houses of worship, testing the waters. To today’s place of being more of a knowledge seeker who is trying to live a good life applying His Truth to it. It was the cleaned man’s response that I could relate to. He was overjoyed at the miracle performed for his benefit he wanted to share the Word with all that would listen. Kinda reminds you of the share feature on social media, doesn’t it. All he was equipped with was his limited knowledge, yet he had the zeal to evangelize. But Christ told him not to go out unto the World, but rather go home to share with his community, his friends and family the changed that took place. The Lord wanted an authentic testimony and not one of repayment for a deed that was done.

Mamas, I know we teach our children about manners and rules by stressing the importance of treating others the way we want to be treated. A quid pro quo form of righteousness that can only be shared by those in the reciprocal circle. I challenge you to change that mindset. Teach your young to do good because it is good. Not for a reward or any justification. God loves us unconditionally and not for the things we do. Thank you Jesus! For we could never do enough to repay all of the things he does all of the time. Just like raising a family, we do so much in the way of support, love, care for our families and do not look for repayment or compelling reasons to do so. We do it out of love. We live by our hearts. So take care today to recharge ourselves at home. Look at the tasks around you as an honor to perform and not as a thankless and meaningless thing. We must first place value in ourselves for others to see the care in our works. Our real job may not have holiday pay, but it has the best benefits plan EVER!


1 – Self care is not selfish, its survival. Reach for it just as feverishly.

2- Live life not for repayment or reward. Make it matter from the heart.

3- Don’t be so quick to share when we first have to learn what it is about. Meditate on The Word and be careful with your choice of words. We can never take away what is said in haste.

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