Strengths Test

Happy Saturday. Thank you if you are taking a moment to check in with me on this 90 day challenge. I can’t believe we have not hit the week mark yet. This is Day 6. I was thinking of making this a weekday challenge, but right now I don’t think I could afford the break since I am just starting to feel momentum. Yes, I am writing this a little later in the day than my usual posts but my focus is not “when” rather “if” right now.

So today’s topic of reflection is on our strengths. When asked is this something you can typically come up with at least one? What about two to five? I found a test that caught my attention called the RichardStep Strengths and Weaknesses Aptitude Test (RSWAT). Yea, I never heard of it either until now. But what had me look at it twice was that the results showed FIVE areas of strength and one weakness. Here is the link for you to give it a try yourself. Click here for test.

So what were your results? I know it seemed to be repetitive and a bit long compared to other ones I have completed. Here are my results below:

Innovation (100%):

Communication (94%):

Salesmanship (94%):

Visionary (94%):

Ambition (94%):

My weakness is balance (63%). Not sure what the percentages mean but I found no surprise with that assessment. But look at what the test had to say about that:

You bring structure to chaotic situations – you don’t rest until order restored. Seek teams that need your help.
Clutter will greatly annoy you – make every effort to enhance your organizational and planning systems.
Always seek advance notice of deadlines, meetings, and project milestones.
Surprises are distressing to you and can ruin your day – help others understand the way you operate.
Actively take time out to prioritize your tasks and goals.
Offer to help with time management and department processes.
Continually work out possible outcome paths ahead of time to prepare for the unknowns.

YES!!! This is me to the letter! I do not like surprises and clutter does distress me. What is so crazy is that I have worked in a paperless environment for the past three years and when I have to review my son’s classwork with the mounds of worksheets, I can feel my anxiety kicking in. I am very systematic but prefer to be the one to develop my own timelines. These results were surprisingly (smile) spot on.

What did you think of the quiz? Did your results surprise you? Please share.


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