Top 10 signs of a learning disability

Tonight’s topic is how to identify learning disabilities in children. I’m not a diagnostician but these are signs that would spark attention from most teachers to start collecting data.

It’s going to be a quick and dirty list meaning it is not all inclusive nor exclusive. Again just from a teachers eyes signs of a waving flag.

In no particular order…

1 – Avoidance. When a child would rather delay or avoid work it may be a sign of lack of comprehension.

2 – Organization problems – having trouble finding a system that works for them usually is another indicator of difficulties.

3 – Difficulty with recall, poor memory. Usually we remember things we know so imagine not knowing how to store miscellaneous type of knowledge.

4- Missing details – difficult retelling stories with important details or sequence.

5- Trouble making connections with information such using an example to express a concept from class.

6 – Behavior issues – it’s easier to cause a distraction than focus on something mentally difficult for some kids.

7 – Rushing through work or incomplete work.

8 – Difficulty following multistep instructions.

9 – Limited vocabulary

10- Low self esteem

If your child noticeably exhibit any of these behaviors in class, he or she may be on a teachers radar for referral to an evaluation. Please discuss these same concerns if seen at home. The main reason I did not include failing grades as an indicator is because there is not a grading structure at home and if these are true learning disabilities it would be evident anywhere.

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