Borrowed energy

This week has been busy. Here at the end of it I’m really feeling the pain. My energy is depleted this evening so this may seem more like a cheat but I’d rather think of it as cross promotional.

Do you subscribe to multiple newsletters? What are some of your favorite? Well, one of mine is from The Wellness Mama. Perhaps if I took more heed to her advice I may have more energy right now. But just wanted to share this particular email as it was exceptionally timely as I ordered fast food for dinner…again.

Enjoy and please subscribe to her emails. Mamas we have to stay pumped up. That was for me but alas I’m ready for bed.

Real food isn’t always easy… I get it. I’ve been on this real food journey for over a decade and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t occasionally have days where I wish I didn’t know what I know and I could just feed my kids fast food or cereal for dinner.

Because it’s so easy…

but it isn’t good for us and it doesn’t even taste that good. But the convenience is VERY appealing!

That’s why I’m so excited when I find options that are truly nutrient dense and delicious… but also more convenient than fast food! Right now, our family is loving Daily Harvest (and keep reading because I negotiated a special discount just for you!) because of this, and here’s why:

They make dozens of ready-to-blend smoothies, hot and chilled soups, overnight breakfast bowls, savory Harvest Bowls, and functional lattes. Their recipes are crafted by a trained chef to marry nutrient-rich, organic fruits and vegetables with powerful superfoods and spices, all without refined sugars and unwanted additives.

Our current family favorites are:

• Harvest Bowls: Super easy and filling meals inspired by comfort foods and packed with nutrient-dense vegetables. I recommend the Beet + Sesame Poké, Kale + Lemongrass, and Chickpea + Za’atar. (Tip: I heat them in some homemade broth!)

• Ginger + Greens: Mu hubby loves this energizing, anti-inflammatory riff on spicy green juice and often chooses it on busy mornings. It has amazing texture from velvety avocado and iron-rich spinach and flavor from zingy ginger and gut-friendly apple cider vinegar.

Did I mention…. one step?

My other favorite thing about Daily Harvest, besides the taste, is that every meal or drink takes just one step to prepare. I can consume dozens of veggies without slicing, dicing, chopping or spiralizing anything!

Preparing each cup is as simple as adding liquid and blending, heating, or soaking — all ready in five minutes, max.

Daily Harvest is based on the concept of “convenience without compromise” — and they accomplish that by delivering some of the most nutrient dense foods in the world straight to your door in single shipments or easy plans. Unlike supermarket produce, which spoils in a matter of days, Daily Harvest recipes stay fresh in your freezer for months, with zero impact on flavor, quality, or nutrient content.

This week, you can get $25 off your first box of 9, 12, or 24 with the code WELLNESSMAMA at this link. Build your own box based on your favorite smoothies, lattes, bowls and breakfasts and get it in just a couple of days!

If you struggle to get real food on the table (or out the door) sometimes, I hope you’ll give Daily Harvest a try and love them as much as I do!



P.S. Remember to use the code WELLNESSMAMA at this link to lock in

Thanks for reading!

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