About the Coach

Our family portrait from 2017.18447390_10211037845276928_5033006420288140523_n

Ironically, the three of us can rarely be found in the same photo. I love this picture because it symbolizes our adventurous spirit which is what I am most proud of instilling in my sons.

My name is Ladda Hawkins. Being a parent is truly what I feel is a calling for me. It has been a catalyst to the highlights of my life. Finishing college, becoming an educator, moving to Texas and working from home. As I embark on this newest venture , once again inspired by my children, I want to share the steps along the way.  Perhaps the outline to my legacy for all parents and children.

My beliefs as a parent coach begin with the firm affirmation that each parent is the expert. Not the other way around. But just like any other goal, we can work towards improvement. Success is how you measure it; but, progress is always trackable. I would be honored in your consideration as an accountability partner.

Feel free to join me on other social media to strength our community of empowerment, engagement and enjoyment in being a Christian parent.

Let’s grow together!

Ladda Love Hawkins, PEAS Coach