Pressing on

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I was inspired after reading a blog titled “Why I blog everyday.” to give an earnest attempt to blog CONTINUOUSLY for 90 days. I’m so sorry for not giving credit to the blogger but I’m still getting used to processing the amount of input I opened myself up to in wanting to push this forward. Note: Got to do much better with that.

So it is my goal to watch the quality of my posts get better with practice. As mentioned earlier, I am deliberately not going back to edit my grammatical errors because I know it will give me an excuse to hold up the end process. Which is the message I am trying to convey in all of this. Just share the Word in its imperfections so that the Lord can bring understanding and correction to the right people. Thinking about how putting forth an effort will have a bigger influence is providing me courage along the way.

Which brings me to the message inspired from 1 Kings 3:5-12. The Lord came to Solomon in a dream asking him to share his troubles with judging over the Israeli people. Solomon asked the Lord for wisdom, an understanding heart and the ability to discern good from evil. This scripture speaks to me because I find myself feeling in my heart that something is right but fall short of execution out of fear from judgment. It is so hard to let go of the things of the past when we are feel entitled to the fruits of the labor. Often time we would put up with something far too long just because it is comfortable. However, I challenge you to look again to see if growth can come of it. In my case, I continued in an environment that my heart had long told me to leave but my logic challenged it. This thing supported a lifestyle of ease, but not peace. I prayed for discernment and was given creative inspiration which convinced my logic that it would work out. I am making time for God to speak to me in the morning, although he seems to live in another time zone because I hear him most clearly at 3am. But I am so humbled to hear from a voice to which I have not always reached out toward. I am not forgotten although I can’t remember as many things as I used to. I am to be more like Solomon, asking for wisdom, combined with discernment and an understanding, forgiving heart.

I want to create a tagline to end these posts in a unique way like a signature. Still exploring, of course, but reader feedback would be appreciated in this area.

Some ideas are to tap back into the message of peas in a pod to clarify the branding since I am not using my name. Peas typically come in 3 and are grown together in one single pod. Therefore, a 3 pronged takeaway from my perspective to summarize the points I was trying to make. This approach matches my personality because I process thinks with a recap all the time, so this is one of my favorites.

Another way to end with a thought provoking question. Reader feedback will help be become a better writer so opening up a conversation would be satisfying. However I want to remain true to my own authenticity and not be too heavily influenced by reader input. Yes, I am highly sensitive. But I feel this is a growth idea so I am very eager to give it a try.

So, here is what the two ideas would like like below:

PEAS Approach

In “Pressing On” I want for you to consider:

  1. Asking God for wisdom and clarity in decision making.
  2. Make time to listen to what God is telling you. No matter the time.
  3. Give yourself permission and time to grow with practice. It won’t look good in the beginning but the effort speaks more than the result.

Provoking Question

What was God’s attitude and response to Solomon’s acknowledgement of his feelings of inadequacy and his heartfelt request for help and wisdom? Does it encourage you to know that God is more than willing to give you the wisdom you lack as a mother? Share your thoughts.

Thank you and God Bless.



God’s Timing


It may not be a big deal but something I am very proud of myself achieving today. Not that is was exceptionally hard, but more of what it represents in my Christian walk. Lately, I have been in prayer about how to get this coaching this back up and going. I was overcome by shame to see the age of my last post here.

But, as only God can do, things kept shifting in my spirit to look into it …again. Perhaps this attitude of sarcasm is contradictory to this post, but it is an honest emotion that I want to share.  I can know confidently proclaim “Certified Life Coach”! But what was so different about this program was the distinct differentiation that expertise was NOT needed. There it was, the confirmation from God to pursue my heart’s joys and not second or third guess myself back to complacency.

To my future clients, please know my place of humility to serve you are an accountability partner in YOUR journey of change to becoming the most supportive parent for your children. My promise to you is to listen to the Voice of God in keeping you on track. However, not least of all I yield to you as the expert on how you raise them.

Looking forward to all the My Lord has in store for me. His message on following the heart and let it be heard is the message for today. Glory to His Name. Amen.